Kids Care Preschool

Kids Care is a "Safe Spaces" (a bullying prevention program) centre. In a friendly and joyful atmosphere we strive to develop children's social skills to promote their self-esteem and to nurture creativity and curiosity.


 We would like to thank you - all the teachers (Erika, Maiya, Carol) for giving such great care, love and safe place for our daughter to learn, grow up and express herself. We cannot thank you enough for what you have done and she will miss all her great friends and teachers at Kidscare Preschool. Please continue to do what you as you ladies are amazing!




Sarah lovers her preschool so much - she has been jingling bells and asking for our "attention" and then she sings a little song  about 5 more minutes of playing. This kid is totally going to be a teacher when she grows up! :)  Thank you for all you do with her and the children.  It's safe, happy and fun place to be!

Thanks so much!





"My daughter (now 9) and my son both went to Kids Care Preschool and were very fortunate to have Erika as their teacher.  My husband and I could not have asked for a better preschool and teacher.  I believe that Erika, along with other staff at Kids Care Preschool have played a pivotal role in helping shape our children to be caring, loving and responsible individuals. Erika genuinely cares for each of her students and is truly the epitome of what a preschool teacher should be.  We cannot thank Erika enough for all that she's done and for being a positive role model to our children and for all her students."

Cheryl & Kelsey


"Both of our daughters completed two years of preschool with Erika in the Bilingual English-Cantonese Program at Kids Care Preschool. We couldn't have asked for a more kind, patient, and dedicated teacher.  We feel very lucky to have Erika teach our daughters in such a fun yet structured environment.  We will truly miss Erika and Kids Care Preschool!

Thank you for everything over the 4 years that you taught both Leia and ELena!  It was a stroke of fortune that brought Leia to your class part way through the first year!"

Val, Dan, Leia and ELena


Dear Kids Care Preschool,

We are so thankful to have had the opportunity for both our children complete their preschool years at Kids Care.   Our children participated in the Bilingual program. We really appreciated how the Chinese language, as well as culture, was integrated into each thouroughly-planned theme.  Teacher Erika is always so patient and caring with each and every student. She is so hard-working and implements new ideas into her programs to keep things fun for the children.  Kids Care played an important role in preparing our children socially, emotionally, and academically for entering Kindergarten!  Thank you!!!


Andrew and Sandi Lin


Reference for Kids Care Preschool

"Both my son and daughter attended Kids Care Preschool. They loved the bilingual program as they participated in fun and interesting activities. Teacher Erika has provided a safe and challenging environment for my children to develop academic and interpersonal skills.  Her dedication and attentiveness have provided our children a strong foundation for them to succeed not only in kindergarten but many more years to come."



Reference for Kids Care Preschool

"From the first time we met Erika, we knew our child will be in the hands of a skilled and experienced teacher. Erika has nurtured our daughter's love of learning through play and carefully structured activities appropriate for her developmental age.  Our daughter has gained confidence in her social skills, developed executive functioning skills and is now fully ready for kindergarten. THe small class size ensures each child gets individualized attention.  We are amazed at how much Chinese she has learned and how much she loves to write the characters.  Kidscare is a fabulous preschool and we are fortunate to have spent two wonderful years there!

Thank you Erika for your caring and dedication."



"We have been fortunate that our child was able to attend the Bilingual Program at Kidscare Preschool for two years. The teachers are truly dedicated and genuinely care for the learning and development of each child.
We also appreciated the quality of the program that included meaningful themes and homework practice! Kidscare Preschool has provided our child with a rich learning environment and a strong foundation in Chinese skills, including reading and writing. It was definitely worth traveling from North Burnaby every day!"


"Dear Erika,
We love to have this opportunity to express our feeling about the KidsCare's program. As you know, our two daughters, Vanessa (now 11 years old) and Vania (now 7 years old) attended KidsCare's bilingual program; we found that it is a really helpful program for the children, especially the ones whose mother tongue is Cantonese to develop their ability in learning both languages at their age. Vanessa was so scared going to preschool at the beginning because the environment and the teachers were strange to her, fortunately, she met good teachers who took good care of her and gave her comfortable atmosphere. Finally, the feeling of safety and happiness replaced the feeling of strangeness. Now she enjoys her learning and school life very much everyday.
Vania had no problem going to KidsCare because she saw her sister was so happy at school. She was even so eager to attend to school to have her own classmates. Actually, she met few good friends at KidsCare and they are at the same elementary school now".

"Vanessa and Vania are attending Chinese School and doing pretty well."

"For those parents who are looking for a good school, program and teachers at the neighbourhood, KidsCare is the one we always recommend. It will help their kids to early develop their interpersonal skill with the others and well preparation going to kindergarten.
We would like to thank you for all the teachers at KidsCare Preschool, especially yourself, for teaching our daughters what a happy school life it is."

Best regards,
Katherine & Anson

To parents looking for a preschool:

I am writing to provide my evaluation of Kids Care Preschool and Ms. Erika Siu.

Prior to attending Kids Care, my child was in another preschool for a little while. He was quite a challenge, not only because he was the youngest student, but he was also the toughest little inmate the wardens had ever faced. Despite a limited vocabulary, he argued non-stop to wear the teachers out. Even though the preschool had many teachers and looked fantastic on paper, it didn’t take long for every single one of them to admit defeat.

I took the little rebel out of the other preschool and put him into Kids Care. We were wondering how long it would take for Erika to break down, but no matter what the little guy said, she simply continued teaching him with calmness and kindness. Being always gentle yet firm, she patiently softened his iron will. Within two weeks, my kid was happy, cooperative, and fully participating.

My point is not that Erika knows what to do with feisty children. What makes me grateful is her willingness and ability to teach a child the way he needs to be taught. She puts effort into learning about the child because she cares about the child. It is for this reason that I highly and whole-heartedly recommend Kids Care Preschool for your child."

T. Tam


"It is very evident that the staff work very hard to provide a well-planned program for the children.  They truly care about the children.  It is very much appeciated!  Thank you!"

Hi Erika,
 KidsCare Preschool has left my two daughters with lots of happy and fun memories. Both of them have benefited a lot from the teachers who are caring and experienced. And the bilingual program provided my children with the chance to explore two languages at an early age in which they found it fun to learn. Besides, the safe and quiet environment at school and the neighbourhood is also one of the reasons I find this preschool attractive and important for my children to spend their two years of preschool. Thanks to all the teachers; your effort have definitely made it a wonderful place to start off my children's school and social life."
Mable L.

Reference letter for KidsCare Preschool

"Our sons attended Kidscare Preschool's bilingual program from 2005 - 2009.
The boys thrived at KidsCare Preschool as they were in a very nurturing environment. The educator Erika was very kind and caring and it was obvious she loved the children. When it came time for my boys to move on to Kindergarten, they were more than ready as Kidscare Preschool had prepared them with the basics, i.e. my boys could recognize and write their ABC's, numbers, and simple words. Most importantly, my boys learned how to socialize and interact in appropriate ways with other children. The friendships that developed at Kidscare are still going strong!"  

Faye and Paul

Letter of Recommendation
Ms. Erika Siu,
  My child attended KidsCare Preschool a couple of years ago and I highly recommend Erika as she is such a wonderful, warm and caring individual.  It makes all the difference to have such a great teacher especially for your child's first experience in a school setting.
She is very kind and approachable and my child really enjoyed being a part of her class."
 Karen Tse