Kids Care Preschool

Kids Care is a "Safe Spaces" (a bullying prevention program) centre. In a friendly and joyful atmosphere we strive to develop children's social skills to promote their self-esteem and to nurture creativity and curiosity.


Our History

The Vancouver Life Skills Society (now South Vancouver Family Place Society) began operating as South Vancouver Family Place program  in the Victoria-Fraserview area of Southeast Vancouver in 1977.
Since 1991 this area has undergone rapid growth and continues to develop as a multicultural, multilingual community, with a large number of immigrant families.

In 1992, the City of Vancouver decided that it would construct a childcare unit in this neighbourhood. The sponsored unit was leased to the Vancouver Life Skills Society which was responsible for setting up and administering this childcare facility – Kids Care Centre now called “Kids Care Preschool”.

In November 1995, after a few years of planning and construction, Kids Care opened to serve the community with a preschool program and kindercare program. The kindercare program was terminated in 1998.

In 1999, due to the growing demand of Chinese immigrants, a Bilingual Program (Chinese & English) was set up to complement the existing English Program Kids Care Preschool.

Some funding and support is provided by:

  • The Province of BC through the Ministry of Children and Families
  • The City of Vancouver

At Kids Care we believe…

Your work as parents is important.

Children learn best through play, manipulation of materials, exploration, and experimentation in an environment which takes into account a child’s development.


The English Program is operated under the guidance of two qualified preschool teachers, both licensed as Early Childhood Educators and both holding first-aid certificates. They have many years of childcare experience.

The Bilingual Program(English/Chinese) is operated under the guidance of a qualified preschool teacher, licensed as an Early Childhood Educator and holding a first-aid certificate. She also trained in Hong Kong and has more than twenty years childcare experience. She speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English.


The Vancouver Health Coastal Authority is in charge of inspecting licensed community facilities including child care and preschools.  The results are kept in their internal database.

The rating gives each facility a "risk rating" on these categories:

1) reportable incident investigation and abuse history; 2) assessment of management effectiveness; 3) staff qualification; 4) facility assessment; 5) policies and procedures assessment; and 6) self monitoring, quality improvement, staff training and prevention.

Kidscare Preschool rated "low" (17/65) which means that it is low risk of violating health and safety standards.  A low rating is the best possible rating for a licensed preschool.

This rating is based on inspection done in 2009 and published in Vancouver Sun.

Furthermore, an inspection was done in 2015 and published in the Vancouver sun.  Kidscare Preschool retained its "low" rating, indicating it still has a low risk of violating health and safety standards.  The link to the study can be found here.