South Vancouver Family Place

Our mission is to support families with young children in building healthy relationships and community networks, by providing services and programs in a welcoming, nurturing and respectful environment.

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About SVFP

The South Vancouver Family Place Society (previously known as the Vancouver Life Skills Society) is a Provincially Certified Resource Program provider; Early Years' Family Support; and Parenting Centre established in 1976.

It is a not-for-profit, charitable organization that offers programs and services to families and caregivers with young children, from birth to age 5. We offer a family drop-in program  at several locations and we operate the Kids Care Preschool, which is a licensed preschool.

Our office and central location is located at South Vancouver Family Place, 7710 Nanaimo Street, Vancouver. It is on Bobolink Park just west of Kids Care Preschool.

Our staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds and represent more than 15 language and cultural groups. The Staff are trained in early childhood education, special needs training, counselling, social work, family resource program training, early literacy training and other related education.

South Vancouver Family Place acknowledges and embraces a diverse spectrum of families and creates an inclusive environment for all.

History of South Vancouver Family Place Society

In 1975 the Vancouver Life Skills Society (now known as South Vancouver Family Place Society) was established.  Its major objectives were to prevent, reduce and relieve family stress resulting from raising children in isolation, as well as to prevent, reduce, and relieve family stress resulting from poverty, abuse, violence, single parenthood and social isolation due to language and cultural barriers. The society incorporated in June 1977 and its major project was to find a permanent home for its activities.

Family Place's first home was 4932 Victoria Drive and later relocated to the Fraserview Boys and Girls Club on Victoria and 60th Avenue. The next move was to a small mall located at 2295 East 61st. Meanwhile Kids Care Preschool opens under the society's umbrella in 1995, offering both kinder care and preschool programs. Family Place joined the preschool on Bobolink Park in 2001 when the City of Vancouver generously provided a building  for Family Place at our current location at 7710 Nanaimo Street.  With the very generous support of the Cityto maintain  these two buildings,  we see this as our home for many years to come. 

In the early nineties one of our parents at Family Place created a logo for Family Place that was used on many publications. It depicted a little tree house, housing the many families attending Family Place programs. In 2007 the board of directors wanted a new look for Family Place and held a contest for a new logo creation. Danielle Ragas (then 12 yrs. old) created a beautiful logo depicting a family under a canopy of hearts.

Since 2002 there has been a great deal of expansion of the family drop-in model and as of 2011 we now offer family drop-ins in seven locations throughout South Vancouver. SVFP piloted the first Strong Start Centre in 2007 then added 3 more Strong Start Centres from 2008 until 2013 when the operation was turned over to Vancouver School Board (VSB). We have maintained a good relationship with the schools (VSB) until now and we collaborate with them with some of our programs.

In March 2011, with the seed money from United Way, we opened the Fraserlands Family Drop-in in River District.  The company,Parklane Fraserlands Partnership Limited which is the builder of the  multi-dwelling  apartments in the Fraserlands area , generously donated a "Playroom space" at River District Building for a token rent for SVFP  to run a Family Drop-in Program.  It is one of our most successful ventures and its still going strong.